Isabel M. Martínez

the eye can't see itself

darkness is the light that has not yet reached us

the lag between prediction and response



quantum blink

horizon (x3)

the weekend








Isabel M. Martínez spent her formative years in Santiago de Chile. She has exhibited internationally in solo and
curated group shows in galleries, art centres, festivals and biennials in Canada, the UK, the USA, Chile, France,
Brazil, Colombia, Spain and The Netherlands; most recently, at the Museo Nacional de la Fotografia (Bogotá) and
Theoretische Kunstprojecte (The Hague).

Her work is reviewed and featured in print and online in FOAM Magazine, The Creators Project, The Huffington Post,
in books, journals and art magazines. Recent publications include the cover of Prefix Photo Magazine issue #34,
with a portfolio of works from her project Darkness Is the Light That Has Not yet Reached Us.

Martínez holds a BFA from Universidad Católica de Chile and an MFA from the University of Guelph in Canada.
She is based in Toronto.

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